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Stand in Celebration

To celebrate our nations birthday we wanted to create something motivational and iconic. Stand is to remind every individual to never give up and certainly never give into others. People define themselves and bring progress to the world by realizing their purpose. From the busboy turned CEO to the soldier later commanding a nation, always know where you stand.

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Murican Celebration

Time to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States and we’re certainly excited. Here are some long awaited photos of the current MURICA collection and a wonderful sale to go along with them.

Enjoy and have a great holiday this week and on into the weekend. We’ll be traveling and others will be too, so don’t do anything stupid on the road or in coach!

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Summer isn’t over yet

End of Summer Series for 2013
Displaying the perspective of the simple and often forgotten “true” Americans. Everyone is working hard for the same goal, but some just say it a little differently. This is Murica!

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Unite All

Adidas has been campaigning for some secret shows in the last few weeks on both coasts. Last night was the show in LA and the good buddy Skeme was blessed with an opportunity to perform. What makes this campaign even more of an awesome crossing of worlds are the ads that Adidas put up in both cities. Our very own Liam painted the huge wall in Hollywood the other week and you only notice his shoes in this teaser that was released. A funny detail about the shoes he’s wearing: he wasn’t told, paid or given those, I was with him in Manhattan when he simply needed a pair of work shoes to kick around, so he picked them up haha!

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More Barry McGee and Colossal!

I have posted stuff about this huge Brooklyn mural in the past few months, but here’s the short video discussing the cultural impact a little more in-depth. Various ‘arts’ individuals talk about Barry’s beginnings and cult following over the years. I’m proud to see Ray from the Sky High crew of Colossal getting his 15 minutes of fame!
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