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1 Second Everyday – With Cesar!

I’m not sure how often you watch TED Talks on a regular basis, but I always wish I did more. Well, I’m extremely proud to say that I know someone who has now spoken at thee annual TED event of amazing awesomeness. Cesar Kuriyama has been working on this project where you takes one second of footage every single day of his life. What makes it even crazier is that he was inspired by a TED Talk! Stefan Sagmeister has been on TED more than once, but there is the very famous idea of taking time off to balance out the working day-to-day stuff. He was specifically talking about taking an entire year off work. That’s just what Cesar did and as soon as I found out I couldn’t wait to see, especially since I’d known that he’d been doing some pretty fun stuff this past year.

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